Spirulina tablets for adults

100 Spirulina 500 mg tablets for well-being.

Spirulina is an excellent dietary supplement and is perfect for a vegan/vegetarian diet.

It’s rich in proteins, it has all of the necessary amino acids and it’s a great source of energy.

  • Rich in proteins

  • Perfect for vegetarian & vegan diets

  • Source of energy

A boost for the immune system which also helps keeping a balance for your weight.

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Spirulina tablets for kids

Spirulina for children contains 200 mini-tablets (200 mg). If you use children vitamins and are wondering if they’re the “right” ones, Spirulina is definitely the right all-in-one supplement for a healthy development.

  • Perfect combo of vitamins

  • Boost for the immune system

  • High iron content

Kids’ immune system is very fragile and they constantly need a vitamin boost.

This product for kids has a content of 200 mg Spirulina (without excipients) and taken daily it helps to develop a good health.

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Spirulina powder

Spirulina Powder is perfect for giving a very healthy boost to all your favourite smoothy recipes and other fresh mixes. 250 gr of pure energy to help you through the day.

  • Great green color for your smoothies

  • Use it in any combinations

  • Energy boost

If you are a smoothie lover or usually forget to get breakfast, then start doing your smoothies with Spirulina powder and get your proteins and vitamins.

But remember, Spirulina is a supplement and should not take over the most important meal of the day.

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